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Within Four Days is a band from Naperville, IL consisting of four multi-talented musicians.  They are known for their outstanding vocal harmonies and high-energy performances.  The guys met each other in their high school music programs. After a couple of jam sessions, they knew they had something special. From that point on, they've never looked back. Their audiences are engaged from their first song to their last. Within Four Days entertains their crowds with music from several decades and many genres.  They cover songs from artists like The Beatles, Bon Jovi, The Eagles, Zac Brown Band, Matchbox 20, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Darius Rucker. They're always adding new songs to their set lists.  Sometimes they lay songs note for note, and other times add their own twist. In addition, each member contributes to their crisp, multi-part harmonies.  They use this flexibility in their performances and song selection to appeal to a wide range of audiences.



Lead guitarist and band leader, Devin Jackson has been playing guitar since he was 8.  Devin is known for his energy-driven performances and entering the always entertaining soloing zone.  He uses his uncanny ability to play by ear to change up songs and truly own them.  Devin will offer up his talents for vocals and other instruments, but his true passion lies with playing guitar.

Devin loves to improv with other musicians, play video games, thinks there is no such thing as "too many guitars" and is a chicken wing and scotch connoisseur.


A man of many talents, Jake Swineford's main roles are rhythm guitarist and lead back up vocalist. While recording their CD, Jake earned the nickname, "One take, Jake" for his crazy ability to nail his harmonies in one take. Jake also steps up to the mic and sings lead vocals.  Singing and playing music for most of his life, Jake's sound drips with soul.  In addition to guitar and vocals, Jake is proficient in saxophone and picking instruments up on the fly, such as keyboards and harmonica. 

In his free time, Jake loves playing ultimate frisbee, hugging trees and is an avid Chicago Blackhawks fan.


Music man, Alan Bringman, is the drummer for W4D.  His steady sense of rhythm helps to drive the music and is the glue that holds it all together.  Although, he's the cool, reserved band member, Alan is more than happy to let loose every now and then.  In addition to his mad drumming and percussion skills, Alan will also offer up his backup vocals to complete the harmonies. Alan thinks there's always room for more cowbell.

Alan spends his free time hanging out by fires, drinking beer with friends and singing with his men's choir.


Lead Vocalist, Ken Delabre, is the newest member of W4D.  Known as the man with an infectious stage presence and limitless energy, Ken's rocky voice pulls audiences into his performances.  A string player for most of his life, Ken is lending his talents as bassist, vocalist and dancing machine.  As a violinist, guitarist and now a 5-string bass player, Ken is always up for a challenge and is often wondering how long it will be before he's asked to play a banjo.

Ken loves great coffee, Johnny Walker Blue, and singing Karaoke.